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Remodeling can be a real nightmare, however, there are some simple precautions you can take before you start to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Measure properly for appliances. Measure Height, Width and Depth.
  • Make sure your cabinets are in good shape!  Evaluate them inside and out before you install the granite or marble on them.  Once the stone is installed, it is not advisable to remove it.  Removing it will probably damage the stone.
  • Take samples with you!  The granite, marble or tile you fell in love with in the showroom may not look that hot in your kitchen.
  • Order attic stock.  It’s great to have extra material on hand in case something happens.  The line of the tile you have may still be in stock, but it is from a different die lot.
  • Think about your sink!  Think about how much and how often you use your sink.  Do you a larger sink for your oversized pans?  Are you a small family that does not like to cook?  Choose a sink that reflects your needs.
  • Don’t go cheap on the faucet!  According to a recent poll by Delta Faucet Company, the average American turns the kitchen faucet on and off about 20 times a day—some as many as 40 times a day.
  • Work with reliable professionals that understand your needs.  Check with your local Better Business Bureau.  Remember you get what you pay for.

Granite Care

Granite has been growing immensely in popularity but many homeowners still hesitate in purchasing granite countertops in fear of not knowing how to care for it.

There are also many myths that fabricators of alternative surfaces circulate about granite to scare homeowners.

Here are the common myths:

Myth number 1 – Granite is easy to stain and has to be sealed constantly. This is NOT TRUE.  It does not hurt to seal your granite and we do recommend that you do so at least once a year.  The procedure is simple and does not take long.

Myth number 2 – Granite is fragile, easy to scratch and easy to break. FALSE.  You can use your granite top as a cutting board and it will not scratch.  The problem is you will dull your knives!

Granite is unique, beautiful and very simple to clean and maintain.

There are a large number of products in the market today to clean and add shine to granite and marble.  I have tested several of these products and they all work well, however, you do not need any special product to clean your granite.  Just follow these simple recommendations.

Recommendations for routine care and cleaning:

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